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Introducing Grapevines

We're not your regular wine club

Grapevines is an educational, social club, focused on creating a community dedicated to learning about wine. Each group meets monthly in a class-like setting to learn about wine varietals, wineries, and related topics. The members are young professionals who have aspirational careers and alluring personalities making it a tremendous community resource for those looking to grow their social circle. Grapevines is dedicated to the Texas market with plans to expand across the United States to further educate and bring together excited individuals looking to develop and expand their wine knowledge.

Our Vision & Mission

Grapevines is a group of well-informed, elevated, spokespeople for the everyday wine drinker. The group is respected by the general wine consumer public as well as industry experts. The members are modern, upscale, and fun to be around . This is not your typical wine club where you get a subscription box of wine sent to your house. Grapevines is an educational, social group, where members meet, sip, learn, and share.

Our vision is to collectively bring people together in every city to learn about the history and discover the future of wine.

Our mission is to educate, empower, and encourage young professionals to learn more about the origins, production, and varieties of wine while forming a community of like-minded individuals who are excited to be a part of this growing collective.

Like a class you actually enjoy

Meet Taylor

Planting the Seed

Founder, Taylor Grado, was at home during the pandemic wanting to learn more about wine with a group of people who also wanted to further their wine knowledge. After searching for wine groups, she realized there was a need not being met. She decided to close this gap herself.


Taylor began reaching out to her inner circle to determine if anyone else would want to learn more about wine in a group setting. She was thrilled to discover there was a need for this type of educational community. Her friends and family were on board so she started looking for more people to join. Taylor posted on a San Antonio Facebook group and the post blew up in hours! The seed started to sprout.

Growing the Grapevine

After hosting her first few wine club meetings, the group interest showed Taylor this was a viable business that people wanted to be a part of. From there, a company was born.


She focused on growing the groups, streamlining the wine selection process, tasting sheets, and started a website to attract attention from outside of the San Antonio circle. Soon after, groups were created in Dallas and Austin with a waitlist growing in other cities. 

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