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Why You Should Join Us


We offer a way for members to try different bottles of wine at an affordable price.

Wine Education

Learn about wine in a casual, fun setting! We'll teach you how to feel comfortable ordering and talking about wine!


Meet members in your area who share the same common interests as you!

How It Works

 At the beginning of each month, 4 bottles of wine are selected for our members to taste. It's usually selected from a specific region, which changes each month. During each monthly wine club meeting, members walk through a guided wine tasting and try the 4 different bottles of wine. The lead for each group will open the first bottle, pour it, and then read the small description about the wine, winery, and region. Then, members take some time to finish their tasting, fill out their tasting sheet, guess the notes in the wine, and give an overall rating. The lead will then announce the notes, making it a fun guessing game for our members and collect a group average to provide back to our sponsors. From there, the lead continues this process for the remaining 3 bottles of wine.

This is a fun way for local members to meet up with other individuals while learning about wine!

There is a one-time, $25 joining fee. After your first month, you will have the option to select from the payment plans below.


Membership Benefits

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Applications can take up to 2 business days to be approved.

Please be on the lookout for our email.

Once approved, you will receive a link to our payment plans and then added to your group.

If you feel inspired to lead a group of your own, please fill out the form under the "Want to Lead" page.

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